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The American Society of International Law provides a useful guide to sources of international law (, and includes information about how to cite a.

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A separate guide is available for international law. When citing materials not mentioned in OSCOLA, use the general principles in OSCOLA.

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This guide is the BU version of the Oxford Standard for the Citation of Legal Authorities. (OSCOLA) guide, Citing International Law ().

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OSCOLA: Oxford University Standard for Citations of Legal Authorities. Basic Guide* for Law Students. Type of Source. How to Cite. Example.

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help you achieve these you are required by the School of Law to use a form of legal citation called OSCOLA. This guide shows you how to cite some of the most .

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For external citation of United Nations materials, authors should comply with the 67/97, The rule of law at the national and international levels, A/RES/67/

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Studying law? Looking for a way of making your referencing easier? Then you've come to the right place. Cite This For Me's OSCOLA referencing generator will.

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This guide will help you with legal citation for the most common types of international law materials. For additional guidance, consult the.