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Checking your automobles engine oil is painless. This blog explains what oil does for your engine, how to check the level, how to read the oil.

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You should check your car’s oil at least once a month to make sure that there’s enough oil and that it isn’t contaminated. The process for how to check your oil is simple and involves using the dip stick to see levels and test quality. The location of the oil dipstick depends.

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When checking and changing your oil, it's important that you have the right oil for your car, that you check your dipstick correctly, and put in just.

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Driving low on oil can cause problems. Does you engine have enough oil? Is the oil still clean or need changing? Checking the engine oil level is easy, read.

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No worry. Sit tight for five easy lessons on reading your oil dipstick. With the engine hot, park on level ground and shut off the engine. Wait a couple minutes for.

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Consumer Reports explains how to check your car's oil level and add oil, if needed.

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Why do I need to regularly check the oil level? Over time, engine oil begins to degrade, it loses its effectiveness and can no longer provide adequate protection .

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“Is there a 'best' way to check the oil level? I have always checked the oil level with the engine stone cold. I recently read in an auto enthusiast magazine that oil .

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Checking the oil levels in your car is essential to maintaining the life of the vehicle. checking engine oil levels before driving your vehicle, when the oil is still cold. To get an accurate reading, you'll also need to make sure the oil isn't .

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Most importantly, oil will keep your engine's internal parts lubricated so The oil level can be read by looking to see where the oily part ends.