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When Baby Can Have Cauliflower & How to Prepare it for Baby Cauliflower puree may be frozen just like you would freeze other foods you make for your little.

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Cauliflower packs a powerful punch of vitamin C and fiber. Follow our easy step- by-step instructions to learn how to make cauliflower puree.

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Follow our easy cauliflower purée recipe and let Cow & Gate guide you & your baby through the 5 step weaning process. Try making our cauliflower purée.

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Cauliflower Baby Food Recipes These cauliflower baby food recipes will make Mash (or puree) the cooked cauliflower with the cooked apple, adding a little.

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Carrot Cauliflower Puree. This is one of those no brainer foods for baby. Steam it, throw it in the food processor and bam, you're finished.

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Introduce your baby to cauliflower and cheese with a purée designed for the early days of weaning. Serve one portion then freeze the rest.

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Healthy cauliflower puree which is very nutritious for your baby. It has lots of vitamins in them which makes it even more healthy.