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Cut flower sweet peas are one of the most amazing flowers a gardener can ever experience, but they are not always the easiest to grow.

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Starting them at that time means they will germinate quite quickly because it is still warm but the weather soon cools and they won't grow out of.

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So don't try to grow them on a fire escape in a pot with 12 inches of soil. If you have a patch of earth, though, and some memories of sweet peas.

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Freshly picked homegrown peas are simply irresistible. So sweet, they rarely make it to the kitchen. Classic green shelling peas are best known.

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Seeds planted in pots will grow quickly into strong, vigorous climbers that can go into the ground in a couple of months, ensuring your garden is.

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I like to grow sweet peas up bean stick wigwams although last summer, for the wedding, we grew a lot in rows as cordons supported by single.

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Sweet pea shrubs, also known as sweet pea bushes, are broad-leaf to prune is an important part of creating a flourishing plant, says Brooklyn Botanic Garden.