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Lets say I want to weld 1/4" mild steel to 1/2" mild steel in a tee joint. but, again when welding two different thicknesses, which of the two.

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I was hoping to get some tips or techniques on MIG welding metals of different thicknesses welding 1/8 plate to car sheet metal.

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I need input from those who had experience welding pieces with different thickness plates such as 1/8" thick and " (or 1/16") or similar.

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Help with mig welding different thickness metals. by Nick (Petaluma). I am going to be joining a 3/8' plate to a 1/8 inch automotive frame. What technique should I .

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I have one situation where I need to weld 2 components of very different thickness and was wondering if I could please get some feedback on.

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I have gotten down welding two pieces of steel of the same thickness but my buddy wants to weld an oxygen sensor nut to his exhaust pipes on.