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Grandma Maude's "Poppycock" or "Popcorn Cakes" are an integral She taught me so much more than how to make caramel popcorn and.

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Add brown sugar, white Karo and salt and cook for 5 minutes stirring a 4 oz. bag of pre-popped corn and the caramel recipe covered all the popcorn perfectly.

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I've been making this recipe for so many years, it's become a Christmas tradition. This is stick-to-your-teeth, nutty caramel popcorn. Once you've.

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Poppycock is an addictive blend of popcorn, caramel sauce mixed poppycock and caramel corn and I decided I needed to try making some.

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Poppycock (Caramel Corn) by Pamela C - Key Ingredient See all ingredients Poppycock Recipe - - Popcorn Recipes, Candy Recipes.

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Homemade Poppycock is a positively delicious grocery store copycat recipe. Perfect for a Salted Caramel Popcorn looks easy enough and I love pop corn!.

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You and I now have a great poppycock recipe for any occasion!!! 24 cups popped popcorn; 2 cups brown sugar; 1 cup butter; 1 cup corn.

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Caramel Popcorn with Nuts (Poppy Cock) recipe: Try this Caramel Popcorn with Nuts (Poppy Cock) recipe, or contribute your INGREDIENTS.

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GRANDMA'S POPPYCOCK. Recipe PhotoLink. ‚Äč Cook's Note: Two-thirds cup ( mL) unpopped popcorn yields about 24 cups (6 L) popped popcorn.