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Model of house boat with cardboard boxes for school project.

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Make a Cardboard Boat: This is an easy way to create a cardboard boat. Why build a cardboard boat? Well every year races are held at the river, and it's fun.

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This page is for those who want the instruction to fold an origami house boat. This origami house boat simulates a real house boat. One special folding.

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18 boat crafts for kids to make from recyclables and common Older kids will love making and decorating these tiny cardboard canoes.

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World's first ever cardboard houseboat sails on River Thames is a great material for prototypes as it is both quick and easy to work with.

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Caprivi Houseboat Safari Lodge is situated a few kilometres east of the town of Katima Mulilo. It is nestled amongst a lush green garden overlooking the banks of .

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Cardboard houseboat on River Thames. The concept of this boat was to build it using recycled material that is of no use. The boat was named This Way Up.

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How to Make a Cardboard Ship. A cardboard ship is a neat decoration for your home, classroom, or office. Add some imagination, and with a cardboard ship you .