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Een acai bowl is hot. No, not literally you silly. I mean hip 'n trendy. Walk into a random minimalist-looking restaurant (like they all do nowadays) that just opened .

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I avoid using bananas altogether because it seems I have an intolerance/allergic reaction to them. I use all frozen berries and an acai frozen blend. It tastes great.

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Make a quick and easy powder-less acai bowl at home as a delicious mid afternoon snack. Ingredients: 1/2 cup of frozen blueberries - Half frozen banana - 3.

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We used to make egg and cheese egg sandwiches every Saturday morning – but now we make acai bowls and it is so much more fun!.

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Acai bowls are super simple to make! Like any smoothie bowl, the acai smoothie is a thick, ice cream-like (think soft serve) smoothie that can be.

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Meet the new love of my life, the acai bowl! The acai (pronounced ah-sigh-EE) bowl has truly become something of a Did you make this recipe?.

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Try these antioxidant-rich acai bowl recipes to make a delicious and refreshing breakfast. Blend into an acai purée and top with fresh fruit, nut.