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I need a good way to remember my spanish oral, i've been trying to learn it for over a week and i've only learnt half of it!! I cant just read it because i just get.

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But in an oral exam, you, your teacher, and your examiner all have to sit through If you need to learn a word but you're not sure how to pronounce it, look it up.

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Learn how to hide your native tongue during a Spanish oral exam. in Spanish will help your mind switch to Spanish mode quickly before the.

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How should I prepare for my final IB Spanish B oral exam in 15 days? Practice Spanish orally, of course! This will quickly show you what your main pitfalls are, words you don't know, grammatical structures you're not sure of, and so on.

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The very best way to practice oral Spanish is my own method. And it is the best, Every time a little faster. Do that with the What is the best way to learn Spanish independently without having to travel to a Spanish-speaking country? ,

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Oral exams can often be intimidating for English language students, because they require fast and Read through your learning materials and attempt to pick out potential themes;; Try to think of Useful Spanish Phrases.

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okay so its monday i have a mock spanish oral exam on thursday i need to learn all my answeres, presination and do a role play arrrghhhh i.

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i really need help i have to learn 17 question answers and a paragraph learn. i am on holiday this week so im trying to memorize it all So i am.

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I got an a* in all my orals so it worked for me, a bit ott but hope it helps write your answers in spanish translate them back into english learn it.

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Learning a second language is a rewarding but often challenging endeavor. Spanish is an ideal choice, however, as it is similar to English in many ways and .