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It is added to the Lone Wanderer's Pip-Boy during the side quest Trouble on the Homefront, in which Amata asks for help saving Vault by means of a distress signal. The Vault entrance password is "Amata". Fallout 3 text holodisks.

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quest (by the way im very displeased lol) but anyways i was wantin to regain access to Vault but it said "you do not know the new access password" and i .

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My info hmm well im bored, beatin everything, salvaging as usual now my search has lead my me vault tried to get in but it needs a new password too bad.

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i cannot get back in to vault it says i do not know the new entrance password . is there anyway to obtain this password? thanks, wayne.

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The Overseer's Terminal Password is a holodisk in Fallout 3. will hurt Amata if you do not get his key or from a locker in the Overseer's Office.

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Does anyone now the new password for vault I went inside the wood when I click to open the door it says I don't have the new password.