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How to Fire-Form Brass without Bullets. Fire-Form Brass Cream of Wheat Dasher BRDX. Many of our Forum members shoot an “improved”.

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Why do we want to fireform? Fireforming has two major goals. 1. Extended case life. Brass case demand is very high right now, and supply is a.

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The term fire forming in firearms refers to the process of reshaping a metallic cartridge case to fit a new chamber by firing it within that chamber. This might.

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Jamming the bullets into the lands when loading virgin brass - is this something you believe in?.

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What have you guys found to be the best way to fire form brass? Is there any difference in the technique that you would use in fire forming in a.

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My brother just finished his ai build and we are trying to find the most efficient way to fire form brass. I have read about the Malto meal/oat.