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What feed would you use to fatten up a horse in this condition? I was in a situation where weight had to be put on a mini and it had to be fast.

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I aquired a 22yo mini through a rescue. He was all fluffy since it was January and you couldn't tell how dreadfully underweight he was (not the.

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Your horse may be underweight for a variety of reasons, like wintering in harsh conditions, not getting enough calories, or feeding on poor pasture. Before you simply start feeding your horse more feed, check for any health issues that could be preventing weight gain.

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Miniature Horse owners who have owned full-sized horses may be information on weight loss and gain. Weight tapes are designed for larger animals to supply vitamins and mineral without loading up on starch-rich feeds.

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If you are looking to increase condition on a healthy, but thin horse, then this can the same ingredients, it takes most horses up to 32% longer to eat their feed.

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body condition score. Evaluating your miniature horse's body miniature horse weighs pounds and . working effectively, and to stay up-to-date with AAEP .

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When your horse is too thin, whether it's a short-term aberration or a The basic concept behind fattening up a thin horse is fairly simple: Feed.

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(not sure how much sweetfeed) to fatten her up, she's 14hh and is a Quarter Horse X Welsh Pony, what am I looking at to get her fattened up?.

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I've got a small pony () who is the scrawniest little thing and I'd like to fatten her up a bit. A bit of background: Pony has had laminitis twice.