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Box braids are often confused with cornrows or micro-braids, but they are If your hair tends to dry out quickly, use some leave-in conditioner in addition to the .

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Is there anyone out there who washes thier braids & has advice on drying them So that they won't be wet all day or wet up the back of your.

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When it comes to protective styles, nothing offers versatility and ease like box braids. What's also amazing about this style is that you can keep.

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Washing box braids can feel like an all-day activity. They absorb a ton of water, are insanely heavy when wet, and take several hours to dry.

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Once it's time to remove braided extensions, follow these braid Take down your braids correctly to avoid damage and hair loss. Woman detangling curly natural hair while dry. Article. Detangling Natural Hair While Dry? Yes, You Can! Box braids are low-maintenance but still require proper care. Article.

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Cheat air-dried waves. If you're out of time, put your hair in two loose braids and blow-dry it with a diffuser. You'll get the same beachy waves as.

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Considering getting box braids, twists, or locs? “If you don't have a hooded dryer, you can let your braids air dry for a full day. Do not pull the.

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"My hair is never dry by the time I have to get ready and I usually take down the twists or braids and find that all of my hard work resulted in.

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When you wash your braids do you let them air dry and if you do, do they have a light sour smell? I.

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What you should know before getting box braids. in life takes time and once you do your first hair flip, you'll quickly realize it was all worth can dehydrate the natural hair, causing it to become dry and brittle," says Williams.