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For Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII on the PlayStation 3, so is there any easy way to kill earth eater like in easy mode? or do i need to.

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For Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Can't beat Earth Eater".

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Earth Eater is an enemy in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. It is most often found in Dead Dunes during daytime; while it does spawn during night time, it is.

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Earth Eater has Auto-Reflect and it can instantly kill characters with its Megaton Punch attack/counterattack; equipping Deathproof and/or Auto-Phoenix helps.

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LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII interesting, maybe counterblow was made for this specific fight. #2 But ofc, not all attacks can be dodged this way (I don't mean Earth Eater) as much as not all attacks can be.

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Need help with Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII? You need to kill the Earth Eater to obtain the Desert Rose, which is found around the.

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Just wondering if I'm forgetting anything on Earth Eater. and two weak characters + auto phoenix and auto protect on Tidus, the i spent the last week killing earth eater several times. yuna and tidus have .. Final Fantasy XV · Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood · Final Fantasy XIII, XIII-2 & Lightning Returns.

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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Wiki Guide. Table of After defeating the Cactair during the Wildlands Quest for Sazh ECTOPUDDING Ω; GOBLIN Ω; CHOCOBO EATER Ω; CACTUAR Ω; GURANGATCH Ω; DESERT SAHAGIN Ω; SCHRODINGER Ω; SKELETON Ω; EARTH EATER Ω; ARCANGELI Ω.

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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Guide Guide info Forum . The Earth Eater should be left until last if you wish to kill it outside of the Lair.