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Proven techniques to handle irate, difficult, and demanding customers. • How to respond, not react, to difficult customer situations. • Positive steps to stay calm.

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Dealing with difficult behaviour is something we face in many circumstances – at home with children, employees is dealing with customers who are angry.

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In pairs or threes, please discuss the following: 1. The most difficult customers you need to deal with at work. 2. A difficult situation that had a positive outcome –.

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Handling a Difficult Customer. Sample. Corporate Training follow this link: http :// Review our License.

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INTRODUCTION. Service orientation has been defined as “an individual's willingness to treat coworkers and customers with courtesy, consideration, and tact; it.

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highly difficult and demanding customers that interfere with their productivity. What makes dealing with a difficult customer especially difficult is that we very.

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Handling Complaints and Difficult Customers. Do it with a LAUGH. 1 Listen and empathise. You know from your own experience that when you have been.