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The “jalapeño hands” effect can last for hours as the oil containing the Along that same vein, if you have cut hot peppers without gloves.

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How to Safely Cut a Jalapeno Without Getting Burned The first time I diced up a little green jalapeño, I went at it with full bravado, no gloves, bare skin. full of diced peppers ready to jazz up any recipe without the looming.

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Here is how I would dice a jalapeno (I like the red ones the best) or similar Cut off the stem end so only the fleshy part of the pepper remains.

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I'm a lifelong jalapeño eater and have cut hot peppers with naked hands my entire adult life. I could handle this, you guys. Honest. I'm tough. I broke a toe once.

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Forgetting to put on food prep gloves before chopping up some hot peppers. The burning sensation after cutting chile peppers comes from oils that coat the If I've chopped peppers without protecting my hands, and then go to take those.

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rid of the burning sensation on your hands caused by cutting chili peppers. that the best prevention for hot pepper hands is to use gloves.