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Select the correct gauge or caliber Bore-tip, attach to rod or pull-through, and apply solvent to the tip. Remove the Bore-tip and attach caliber specific bore brush. Swab-its® Firearms Cleaning Foam Swabs Safety.

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How to Clean and Reuse Swabs. Each swab is capable of being used again. To ensure that the swab is ready to use again, simply wash the.

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Swab-its® foam swabs are the go-to replacement for outdated, fuzzy cotton swabs. The perfect tools for your application, cleaning & removal needs.

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Revolutionize the way you clean your firearm with Swab-its® Gun Cleaning Products. A better faster easier way to clean all your weapons. Try them today!.

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Swab-its® Gun Cleaning Kit with 9 Firearm Cleaning Swabs: Gun Cleaning by Swab-its®. Item Number A mixture of 9 foam swabs, perfect for.

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The Swab-its 3 inch precision tip gun cleaning swab gun-tips are strong and durable replacement for cotton swabs that do not leave lint and fibers behind.