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Here's how to navigate that perilous question should I trim my nose hair. It takes a little time and some light equipment. But remember: Never.

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For instance, when we polled more than Men's Health readers on the issue, only two percent said they never had to trim, pluck, or resignedly.

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I was stunned to realize that I now trim/cut my nose hair once a week. If I do not, I look like a party favor when I sneeze. The interesting thing is.

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The removal of nose hair is a process that all guys need to go through, because for the best angle and, it's even worse when you can see tufts of hair sprouting out all over the place. This is the big question; how do you trim your nose hair?.

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If you remove all the hair from these orifices, you remove that first line of defense. So when you trim your nose and ear hair, go for reduction, not.

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This post is based on the video – 6 Tips On How To Trim Nose Hair | Men's Nasal Hair . I'm sometimes going pretty quick when I'm trimming my nose hairs.

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Sometimes if I forget I just yank the hairs out by hand. Have to trim that shit like every 3 or 4 days.

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(I dealt with mine when I trimmed my beard on Sunday afternoon.) 0 I hope this is a hint that you'll be selling nose hair trimmers. I'm on record.

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How often should I trim my nose hair, and is it a bit like shaving your balls, in that if you do it I've also noticed I pluck my ear hairs when I'm stressed by driving.

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Trim them. Often. Nothing more scary and a dude with curb feelers Yeah nose hair is one of those things that the ladies will notice and fixate.