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How Net Generation Students Learn and Work - Net Generation students work like the Internet. Learn how they multi task and process information.

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Net Generation students are a new breed of learner. Find out how these students work and how colleges and workplaces are evolving to meet their needs.

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Libraries also need to be more cognizant of Net Gen students' reliance on . Net Gen students work in information environments, and a very important one in.

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These students, known as the Net Generation, have grown up in an The student's ability to succeed academically and graduate involves working with.

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However, it is quite a broad segment, because it comprises both the working people . Today we face a new generation of students, called 'the Net Generation'.

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Keywords: Net Generation; digital learner; students' characteristics; online learning; . freely chosen by the students to help them carry out their academic work.

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Keywords: Digital learners; Net Generation; students' habits; ICT; online . The use of the computer for school assignments as well as for work done at the.

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group of students in the student union working on other projects. After classes Virtually all Net Gen students were using computers by the time they were 16 to.

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Net Generation students work well in small collaborative groups, as they are social by nature. When working independently, they are productive.