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Taiwan and China are in fact two different nations and although they a similar in some ways, there are a lot of differences between the two.

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So in short, politically the difference between Taiwan and China is convoluted and requires very exact definitions. And I'm stopping here before anyone yells at .

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Aside from political differences (and even definitions), Mainland China and Taiwan have several differences that even someone passing.

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Like the artist of the Germans/Chinese pictographs, the author of these humorous comparison drawings was born in one country (Taiwan) and.

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What's most important for visitors to understand is that visiting Taiwan from a legal and visa standpoint is that it is different from mainland China. Laws are.

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"Taiwan, China", "Taiwan, Province of China", or "Taiwan Province, China" are a set of (i.e., de-Sinicize), and consider it an oxymoron, i.e. in the view that Taiwan and China are different countries, and that the legitimacy of the ROC's rule of.

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China sees Taiwan as a breakaway province that will eventually be part of the country again, but many Taiwanese want a separate nation.

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Differences over Taiwan's status fuel tensions between the island and Yet political frictions still shadow the relationship, and China and.