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With a community of more than 50 million donors, GoFundMe is changing the way the world gives. With GoFundMe, it's easy to raise funds quickly for the causes.

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Read on to learn the tried and true steps to creating a campaign you'll be proud to share, link so it's easy to remember (but, the original one will always work!).

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Learn how to create your campaign, how to share with family and friends, and how to GoFundMe is the best place to fundraise, whether you are an individual, .

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GoFundMe will always assign you a link, which is unique to your campaign. after you customize your link, both the original link and the custom link will work.

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The following campaign organizers did an excellent job creating great GoFundMes, and following an effective sharing strategy. Curious how they did it? Here.

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See how to fundraise online in minutes with GoFundMe. How does GoFundMe work? GoFundMe makes it How do I withdraw funds from my campaign?.