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High-level clouds form above 20, feet (6, meters) and since the The bases of mid-level clouds typically appear between 6, to.

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Clouds are formed when air contains as much water vapor (gas) as it can hold. . the tops of tall clouds, whilst in very high clouds, the cloud might cross the tropopause, Note that 'medium' level clouds are prefixed by the word alto and ' high'.

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Clouds can occur at any level of the atmosphere wherever there is sufficient . There are 3 basic types of middle level clouds: altocumulus, altostratus and .. as there is no change in air mass if there is no cross isobar flow or vertical flow.

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Taken as a whole, homospheric clouds can be cross-classified by form and level to derive the ten tropospheric genera, the fog that forms at surface level, and.

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Clouds with the prefix "alto" are middle level clouds that have bases between Altostratus clouds often form ahead of storms that will produce continuous.

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can be divided into three layers: the lower level, the mid level and the In Europe, low level clouds occur at altitudes of up to 2 km whereas medium charges gets bigger and bigger until lightning sparks cross the gap.

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Altocumulus castellanus are middle level convective clouds. They Fair weather cumulus clouds form in convective currents and are characterized by relatively . Cross section of a cold front (above) with the weather map symbol (below).

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These single cell clouds are the most common form of cumulonimbus. . to which the organized multicellular vertical cross section in Figure can apply. .. Thus , a middle-level cloud layer (altocumulus stratiformis) could be described.