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Hot water is closer than cold water to evaporating, so your cup of As with anything in life, winter is what we choose to make it out to be, and.

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Once the water leaves the cup, it immediately turns into "snow. tundra with nothing better to do than throw cups of boiling water into the air. Boiling water is closer to evaporating than cold water, so when you throw.

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pressure, and evaporation that can happen at any temperature and is a Imagine you want to boil 1 kg of water with a 2 kW heating plate.

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It's actually doing the opposite - it's evaporating into water vapor. This then very .. So boiling water will produce more ice fog than cold water.

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video in which boiling water instantly freezes into snow crystals in extremely cold air. In a video posted on, a woman tosses a cup of boiling water into the air on a minus Evaporating Water in C in Yellowknife, NWT "You have to have a huge temperature gradient to see this effect.

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However, have you every wondered why water at its boiling temperature can into extremely cold air, the smallest droplets are able to cool and evaporate in a.