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The Model Enfield was actually issued to more Soldiers during World pretty good that I was able to fix the rifle in the field and continue.

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is this a common problem in these? is it an easy and inexpensive fix? The first is an extractor problem,very uncommon. GunParts has them.

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The M Enfield, the "American Enfield", formally named "United States Rifle, cal, Model . After World War II, the M went out of front-line duty with the US forces. Chinese which when engaged permits the feeding and extraction of single cartridges only while keeping the cartridges in the magazine in reserve.

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An almost free M bolt disassembly tool. Repair chest - refilling and need some help · Pressure limits in M and M M Bolt Markings · Unmarked bolt release spring rest FYI · Remington extractor? M JA barrels vs the Remington 2 groove A3 barrels · standard issue front sight blade ( battle sight)?.

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Hello All. My extractor hook broke on my US Enfield. , AM #2 Once you fix the rifle, be sure to never single feed by dropping a round into the chamber and closing the bolt, snapping the extractor.

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I broke 2 original ejectors before I even fired my M The toothpick thin spring seemed to be the problem. The Numrich version worked well.