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Prisoners and hats puzzle. The answer is. 2. Since there are only two hats of each color, 1 is able to deduce his color when 2 and 3 are the.

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As it was a minor offence, judge told them that they will be freed without punishment, but only if they can solve a puzzle. They can't see their own hat color and are told to shout their hat color as soon as they get to know for.

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The Judge allows them to be freed if they can solve a puzzle. If they do if man 2 and man 3 are wearing same color hat man 1 will shout first!!!.

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Hat puzzles are logic problems that date back to as early as Such hat puzzles, frequently Since B−1 hat will be the first to speak, guessing correctly that their hat is black. The other players then.

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A famous Prisoners and Hats puzzle is told of how 4 prisoners were punished by a Judge to shout or they be hanged. Only one escaped the punishment but the.

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The judge allows them to be freed if they can solve a puzzle. They are told to shout out the colour of the hat that they are wearing as soon as they know for.

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2 white and 2 black hats puzzle Team Games, Riddles, Black Hats. More information .. Picture Riddle: Which Tank Will be Full First V (New Version. Water Flow.