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So, can anyone confirm how to get this achievement? I've looked at the other threads and there's some conflicting information. Some people.

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Clean Record: "Complete the police chief's missions without Don't get caught on any cameras during Mayfield: The Room, then be sure to.

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Clean Record achievement. Achievement - Clean "Complete Might As Well Have An Achievement For That Too ยท Short Circuit.

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I just like getting paid. (If either one of the options above is chosen). Mayfield: Alright, I'll keep looking into it. Let me know if you.

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I'm trying to get all the achievements and only need 3 more; Clean Record, Hammerhead Snark and Let it Go. The first two I can't get to work as.

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Clean Record Achievement in Gunpoint: Complete the police chief's missions without 2, tracked gamers have this game, have completed it (%) .