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I am Gen and I do games! Here you'll find a repository for all my game-related creations. From Voice of All, the Magic Story Audio Drama, to League of Legend.

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Of Legends. Check all videos related to Ganking League Of Legends. How to Gank - A Detailed League of Legends Guide for Beginners ยท @Gen Doukeshi.

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I'll focus on the popular esports title League of Legends as an don't know what ganking is, check out this video from Gen Doukeshi) and team.

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Team fighting as Amumu is what separates the bronze from the diamond. Once you learn to use your ultimate effectively in team fights and ganking you not only .

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When you're finished, check out Boards to join in the latest League of Legends the valkrin, stonewall, cinderhelm, sp4zie and gen doukeshi. 1 on YouTube etc to see when to gank, how to gank, what routes to take etc.

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I am Gen and I do games! Search. Gen Explains the Meta - League of Legends How to Gank - A Detailed League of Legends Guide for Beginners

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Videos related to gank lol. LOL GANK and Counter GANK Compilation | League Of Legends Montage LOL GANK and Counter GANK Gen Doukeshi.

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His videos helped me with better decision making and how to gank properly. permalink; embed Video by Gen Doukeshi. Excellent video.

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Gen Doukeshi 6 years ago Rammus the Armordillo is here to roll through your jungle and gank your faces! Join me to learn How to Rammus.