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The Enûma Eliš is the Babylonian creation myth It was recovered by Austen Henry Layard in . The title Enuma Elish, meaning "when on high", is the incipit.

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The Enuma Elish (also known as The Seven Tablets of Creation) is the myth whose title is derived from the opening lines of the piece, "When on High".

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The Babylonian/Mesopotamian creation myth, Enuma Elish, When on high, was written no later than the reign of Nebuchadrezzar in the 12th.

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The Enuma Elish is a Babylonian creation myth that is named after its opening words, “When on high.” It was discovered in the ancient Royal Library of.

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Marduk, the heroic deity of the Enuma Elish. Enûma The title of Enuma Elish means "When on High," derived from the story's opening line.

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The full text of the Enuma Elish, the Mesopotamian myth of creation, with links to analysis of biblical parallels. When on high the heaven had not been named.

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The Enuma Elish (When on high). Origns of the myth. Oldest extant version ca. BCE; Dates back to Sumerian Period (ca. BCE). Reconstruction .