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Dmitry Alexeevich Glukhovsky is a Russian author and journalist known for Metro , developed by 4A Games and published by THQ was released worldwide in March for PC and Xbox platforms.

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Witcher novelist Andrzej Sapkowski says he doesn't owe games anything, but Metro author Dmitry Glukhovsky thinks games made them both. Why would the author behind The Witcher, who openly admits he doesn't play video games, take part in a conversation on their merits in.

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How one of our editorial colleagues laughs (guess who, no, not Sebastian), Metro Exodus on PC will be released in February Lunch is.

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As one of our editorial colleagues laughs (guess who is not Sebastian), Metro Exodus will be released on PC in February The lunch.

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The author of the Metro series books, Dmitry Głuchowski, criticized On Monday, the news is that the PC version of Metro Exodus will only be.

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Dmitrij Głuchowski - twórca uniwersum Metro, między wierszami Nie, nie Sebastian), Metro Exodus na PC ukaże się w lutym roku.

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Metro (METRO by Dmitry Glukhovsky) (Volume 2) by Dmitry Glukhovsky . this is only a small comic book not a novel, all black and white, pics are way too.