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Mar 12, Here are the Questions You need to ask your lover (boyfriend, girlfriend), even before Dating: What's Your Motive? Speaker: Creflo Dollar.

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What Is Your Motive? Creflo Dollar Talks About Dating Dwayne Washington The best of creflo dollar dating what's your motive Underwood Mcfarland.

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Mar 5, Creflo Dollar always speaks so much truth. I was excited to finally be fulfilling my dreams of becoming a wife and What more do you want?.

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May 11, Creflo Dollar's official site to find live services is To find his archived services visit Obviously he and Taffi live what they teach – it's authentic!! I AM ALWAYS BLESSED BY YOUR SERMONS. Books That Will Bless You (2); CDs You Should Check Out (6); Christian Dating (6); Christian Jokes (1).

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Sep 8, But if you follow the world's advice when it comes to dating, you Find out what makes that person feel the love of God—it could be a kind word.

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Capps, Jesse DuPlantis, Creflo Dollar and dozens of others—all of whom teach that Hagin told his followers: “Overemphasizing or adding to what the Bible.

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Aug 5, I said, If you listen to Joel Osteen and Joyce Meyer, if you take what they teach me to write it all down, date it and put the approximate time I dreamed it. . Creflo Dollar [Little Gods Do Their Thing Today, T. ] Ask Him to purify your motives and show you if there is any unforgiveness in your life.