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But what if your baby shows signs of delayed walking? And what if you notice your baby has bowed legs or is walking on tiptoes -- should you.

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Body weight then shifts in also, causing your child to walk and stand on the inside And in the case of pronation, this causes ankles to roll in.

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toddler rolling ankles - posted in months: my 23 month old sons ankles roll inwards when he is standing, walking or running. he.

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Discuss In-turned Ankles and Your Toddler's Growth and to the fact that he was a heavy baby when he started to walk and that he'd need time to . My son was 2 when we took him to the podiatrist, his feet roll in and he has.

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What is in-toeing and how will it affect your child? Learning to walk takes time and practice, and it's common for kids to start walking with their toes and feet but many experts think that a family history of in-toeing or out-toeing plays a role.

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Flatfeet, toe walking, pigeon toes, bowlegs, and knock-knees. Once a child is around age 4 or 5, casting the foot and ankle for about 6 weeks may be needed.

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As your child bears weight through his or her spine, hips, legs, and feet, When the foot appears to roll outward and your child walks on the outside of their foot.

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Common problems affecting the legs and feet of children under five, including walking on tip toes, turned-in feet, knock knees Your pregnancy and baby guide.

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DD is nearly 13months and is confident with standing, whilst holding something and cruising but not walking yet. I noticed today that her ankles.