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Cynics said there was no future in big 2-stroke motorcycles; the Suzuki T Titan proved them Top speed: mph (observed) Price then: $ () focused on building reliable, user-friendly motorcycles like the Suzuki T Titan.

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The Suzuki T and all other motorcycles made Specifications. Pictures. Rating. Discussions.

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This is a Suzuki T Cobra and it's a worthy project if there ever was one. This one is This is a 46 hp twin and it looks great. If you do a.

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This is my Suzuki T Titan restoration project | See more ideas about Engineering, Cable and Cabo.

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Suzuki two stroke twin page Cobra picture Gallery T/5 Custom Motorcycles, British . Suzuki GS Motorcycle Photos and Specs . Suzuki T III Titan on display at the Idaho Vintage Motorcycle . Jay Howard.

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Profile of the Yamaha YDS to by John Steele. Profile of the .. 'From the Editor'. 10 page article with technical specs and photos on the cc Kawasaki S2 .. 1 page preview of the VJMC Autojumble by Howard Atkin. 4 page article by .. Front cover – John Wright's Suzuki T at a campsite. Inside the front.

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To be clear, the Suzuki GSX-R was not the first repli-racer offered Ironically, the very things that made the bike light in weight soon.